Employee Smile Program

Absolute Smile would like to make dental care affordable to YOU and YOUR EMPLOYEES

Alternative to Rising Insurance Costs

With today's rising insurance cost, many employers are finding it difficult to provide dental insurance to their employees.

Importance of Oral Health

Oral health has everything to do with the overall health of your employees. Many health conditions show up in oral signs and symptoms, such as diabetes. Heart disease has even been linked to bacteria in saliva and infection in gums and teeth.

Only $100 Per Year

We have a program, ESP (Employee Smile Program) for employers and small business owners. It is ONLY $100 per year for the employer to join! The program allows the employer, your employees and their families (without dental insurance) to receive a 20% discount on all dental procedures*. The business can continue in this program each year by just renewing the annual fee.

Employer Benefits

EMPLOYEE SMILE PROGRAM benefits you the employer...you are providing an opportunity for your employees to access to the best affordable dental care through this discount program.

Employee Benefits

EMPLOYEE SMILE PROGRAM benefits all of your employees...by giving them the opportunity to see a dentist regularly, which will keep them healthy and save them money.

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* Does not include cosmetic services